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 Essays of an Information Scientist    (Volumes 1-15 : Contents pages and Full Text)
 Citation Indexing -- Its Theory and Application in Science,Technology, and Humanities
 Transliterated Dictionary of the Russian Language.   Contents and Introduction
 Citation Comments published in Current Contents 1994,1995
 Commentaries in The Scientist,1986-present
 Inaugural Address and President's Columns in ASIS&T
 Little Science, Big Science . . . and Beyond. Author:Derek J. deSolla Price.
  Forewordby Robert K. Merton and Eugene Garfield
 "The Use of Citation Data in Writing the History of Science." Garfield, E., I. H. Sher, and R. J. Torpie. 
   Published by ISI - December  1964     Final Overlay.


Garfield, E. "Bang Those Robot Heads Together" Chemical and Engineering News, 30(50), 1952. 

Garfield, E. "Machine Methods in Indexing," February 1952. 
Unpublished, No: 3. 

Garfield, E. "The Mechanization of Indexing," September 1952. 
Paper . Unpublished. No:4 

Garfield, E. "The Crisis in Chemical Literature," September 1952. 
Address to ACS, Baltimore, MD. Short presentation made soon after joining Welch Indexing Project at JHU and while doing volunteer abstracting for Chemical Abstracts. 
No: 2. 


Garfield, E. " Machine Techniques in Scientific Documentation: Outline of Study," January 1953. 
No: 11. 

Garfield, E. " Machine Indexing, Machine Indexes, and the Preparation of Printed Indexes by Machines." Welch Symposium, March 1953. Abstract only. 
No: 10. 

Garfield, E. "Basic List of Works in Documentation," 1953. 
No: 6. 

Garfield, E. "Librarian Versus Documentalist," 1953. Submitted to Special Libraries. 
Paper - Unpublished. No:9 

Garfield, E. "Electronics in the Half-Tone Process," November 1953. 
Presented at a seminar course on "History of Printing" Columbia University, School of Library Science, New York. 
No: 8. 

Garfield, E. "Reading for Maximum Profit." The New York Times, p.22, December 1953.


Garfield, E. "Preliminary Report on the Mechanical Analysis of Information by Use of the 101 Statistical Punched Card Machine." American Documentation, 5(1) p.7-12, 1954. 
Reprinted in EIS. V.6, p.454, 1983.  pdf available

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Garfield, E. "The Preparation of Subject-Heading Lists by Automatic Punched-Card Techniques." The Journal of Documentation , 10(1) p.1-10, March 1954. 
Reprinted in EIS. V.6, p444, 1983. pdf available

Himwich W. A., Field H.G., Garfield E., Whittock J.M., Larkey S.V. "Survey of World Medical Serials and Coverage by Indexing and Abstracting Services." Welch Medical Library Indexing Project (Sponsored by the Armed Forces Medical Library), The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. (1954). p.1-82 + 48 pages of appendices. 

Garfield, E. "Association-of-Ideas Techniques in Documentation: Shepardizing the Literature of Science." (1954). 
Submitted as course work to: Research Information Center, National Bureau of Standards. 

Garfield, E. "Documentation -- the Organisation of Scientific Information for Retrieval." , 1954. 
ACS continuation course, Philadelphia, PA. 
Unpublished. No:49. 

Garfield, E. "Forms for Literature Citations." Science, 120(3129), p.1038-41, December 1954. 
No: 19. 


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Reprinted in Essays of an Information Scientist, Vol:6, p.459, 1983. pdf file available

Garfield, E. "Citation Indexes for Science: A New Dimension in Documentation through Association of Ideas."   Science, 122(3159), p.108-11, July 1955. (html version
Reprinted in Readings in Information Retrieval, p.261-274, (H.S. Sharp. Ed.), The Scarecrow Press, Inc. 1964 (book in EG's office). 
No: 25. 

Himwich, W. A., Garfield, E., Field, H. G., Whittock, J. M., and Larkey, S. V. "Final report on machine methods for information searching ," Welch Medical Library Indexing Project, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. (Sponsored by the Armed Forces Medical Library), p.1-38, 1955. 
Paper, No:26. 

Garfield, E. "Citation Indexes -- New Dimension in Documentation." p. 1-4, November 1955. Presented at American Documentation Institute meeting in Philadelphia, PA on 11/2/55 (Bible Citation Index or "Citation Indexes to the Old Testament). 

Garfield, E. and Hayne, R. "Needed - A National Science Intelligence and Documentation Center ," p.1-7, 1955. 
Presented at the "Symposium on storage and retrieval of scientific information". Annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), December 28, 1955, Atlanta, GA. (Definition of Documentation) 
Presentation (Unpublished), No:24. 

Garfield, E. "The Literature Department as the Intelligence Center of the R&D ," p.1-7, 1955. 
Presented at the ACS Symposium on "The communication of technical information in an industrial organization" in Minneapolis. 
Presentation (Unpublished), No:23. 


Garfield, E. "Citation Indexes - New Paths to Scientific Knowledge." The Chemical Bulletin, 43(4), p.11-12, April 1956. 

Garfield, E. "Citation Indexes for Science." Science, 123(3184), p. 61-62, 1956. 
Comments in response to a letter by UH Schoenbach in the same issue of Science
No:32. pdf  file available

Garfield, E. "Proposal for Research in Mechanical Indexing," p. 1-4, April 1956 

Garfield, E. "The Dissemination of Current Research Information Through a Cooperative Contents Page -- Abstracting Service." 
Abstract of Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting, American Documentation Institute, New York City (December 1956). 
Presentation - Unpublished. No:29. 


Avakian, E. A. and E. Garfield. "AMFIS -- The Automatic Microfilm Information System." Special Libraries, 48 , p.145-48, April 1957 
Reprinted in EIS.V.6, p.485, 1983 
pdf file
No: 36. 

Garfield, E. " Proceedings of the International Study Conference on Classification for Information Retrieval (New York: Pergamon Press)." p. 91, 98, 106, 108. May 1957. 
Comments included in the discussion at Conference in Dorking, England. 
No: 35. 

Garfield, E. "Memories of the 1957 Dorking Conference" Held at Beatrice Webb House, Dorking, England. May 13-17, 1957.

Garfield, E. "Breaking the Subject Index Barrier -- a Citation Index for Chemical Patents." Journal of the Patent Office Society, 39(8), p.583-95, August 1957. 
No: 34. 

Rockwell, H. E., R. L. Hayne, and E. Garfield. "A Unique System for Rapid Access to Large Volumes of Pharmacological Data; Application to Published Literature on Chlorpromazine." Federation Proceedings, U.S.A. 16(3), p. 726-31, September 1957. 


Garfield, E. "Copyright, Contents Pages, Cooperation, Conscience.... Necessary Ingredients for the Effective Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge." The Percolator, 35(1), p.19-23, August 1959. 
Presented at the Annual Symposium, Library of the Chemists Club, New York City, April 28, 1959. 

"Subsidies for Subscribers?" Chemical & Engineering News 37(19):85, 1959.(Short article quoting  E. Garfield) 

Garfield, E. "A Unified Index to Science," Proceedings of the International Conference on Scientific Information. 1958. Washington, D.C.: National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, 1, p.461-74, 1959. 
Conference Proceedings 
Reprinted in:CC, December 27, 1976, p.5-20; EIS. V.2, p.672-688 
pdf file No: 39. 


Garfield, E. "The Steroid Literature Coding Project." Chemical Literature" 12(3), p.7, 1960. 


Garfield, E. "An Algorithm for Translating Chemical Names to Molecular Formulas." Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia, PA. p.1-68, 1961. 
Presented to the faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, 1961. 
See Review by John S. Showell in J. Am. Oil Chemists' Soc. Vol:39, #3, p.32-34, March 1962. (#47B) 
Also see:

Garfield, E. "Introduction to Index Chemicus: Author Index and Molecular Formula Index." p.1 and 33, 1961. 

Garfield, E. "Information Theory and Other Quantitative Factors in Code Design for Document Card Systems." Journal of Chemical Documentation,1, p. 70-75, 1961. 
pdf file
No: 50. 

Garfield, E. "Chemico-Linguistics: Computer Translation of Chemical Nomenclature." Nature, 192(4798) p.192, October 1961. 
pdf file

Garfield, E. "Esthetic and Psychological Factors in the Design of Published Indexes." (1961). 
Presented at the ADI meeting, Boston, MA., Fall 1961. 
No: 55. 


Markus, J. "State of the Art of Published Indexes."American Documentation, 13(1), p.15-30, January 1962. ( Comments by Garfield E. included in this paper) 

Garfield, E. "An Algorithm for Translating Chemical Names to Molecular Formulas." The Journal of Chemical Documentation 2 , p.177-79, 1962. 
Presented before American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Literature, March 22, 1962, Washington, D.C. Based on doctoral thesis (#47A). 
Also see Doctoral Thesis reprinted in  EIS.V.7, p.441, 1984 pdf file
No: 47. 

Garfield, E."Language, Linguistics, Science Information and the Pursuit of Knowledge." (1962). Lecture given at Swarthmore College, PA. 
Unpublished. No: 58. 

Garfield, E. "Copying and Reproducing Device. Patent #3,052,755." p.1-4, September 1962. 
Patent No:59. 

Garfield, E. "Copying and Reproducing Device. Patent #3,064,078." p.1-4. November 1962 


Garfield, E. "Citation Indexes - Closing the information gap between the pure and applied sciences
Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education, Philadelphia, Pa. June 17-21, 1963 
Unpublished. No: 66 

Garfield, E. and I. Sher. "New Factors in the Evaluation of Scientific Literature Through Citation Indexing." American Documentation 14(3), p.195-201, July 1963. 
Reprinted in: EIS V6, p.492-498 pdf file

Garfield, E. and Sher, I.H. "Genetics Citation Index" - Introductory Pages -  (Eds,  Eugene Garfield and Irving H. Sher) Institute for Scientific Information, July 1963, 864 pages. 
This document also has a Preface by Dr. Joshua Lederberg and an Introduction by Eugene Garfield 
Reprinted in:EIS. V.7, p.515-522  pdf file available 

Garfield, E. "Citation Indexes in Sociological and Historical Research." American Documentation, 14(4) p.289-91, October 1963. 
Reprinted in:CC, Aug.26, 1969; EIS V.1, p.43 pdf file
No: 62. 

Garfield, E. "Needed -- Relativistic Theory of Information Science." Automation and Scientific Communication: Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of the American Documentation Institute, 6-11 October 1963, Chicago, IL.  Part 3 p.419-20. 
Reprinted in: EIS. V7, p.523-24 pdf file available

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Garfield, E. "Citations in Popular and Interpretive Science Writing." Science, 141(3579) p.392, 1963. 
Letter. No:79. 

Garfield, E.. "Statement Before the Ad Hoc Subcommittee of the Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, Roman Pucinski, Chair,  Eighty-Eighth Congress, First Session, on HR 1946 Part 2." National Information Center.  Hearings on a National Research Data Processing and Information Retrieval Center, July 18-19, 1963, Washington, D.C. : US GPO, p. 227-52, 1963. 
No:81. (Penn Ref.10.78 Un38 v.1 or N/1198/03805/0204X) 

Garfield, E. "Science Citation Index." Science Citation Index 1961, 1, p.v-xvi, 1963. 

Sher, I. H. and Garfield, E. "The Genetics Citation Index experiment ," Automation and Scientific Communication (secondary distribution of information) at 26th Annual Meeting of American Documentation Institute, Chicago, IL, p.63-64, 1963. 
Material distributed at 26th Annual Meeting of American Documentation Institute, Chicago, IL. Also in Genetics Citation Index
Reprinted in:EIS. V.7, p.515-522pdf file available
Article, No:1164. 


Garfield, E. and Sher, I.H. "Genetics Citation Index" (from the reviewers) Science Fortnightly 1(14), p.4, 1964. 

Garfield, E. "Science Citation Index -- A New Dimension in Indexing." Science, 144(3619) p.649-54, May 1964. 
No: 96. 

Garfield, E. "Citation Indexing: A Natural Science Literature Retrieval System for the Social Sciences." The American Behavioral Scientist, 7(10), p.58-61, June 1964. 
Reprinted in: EIS V.6, p.499 pdf file

Garfield, E. "Comments on Abstracting Services." The Cornucopia. American Chemical Society, Div. of Agriculture & Food Chemistry, 19, p.6-8, August 1964. 
No: 86. 

284. Garfield, E. "Citation Indexes for Evaluation of Research Productivity." August 1964. 
Submitted to Harvard Business Review. 
Unpublished. No: 94. 

Garfield, E. "Statistical Analyses of International Chemical Research by Individual Chemists, Languages and Countries." p. 1-21, September 1964. 
Presented at the Meeting of American Chemical Society, Divisionof Chemical Literature, Chicago, IL. 
Unpublished. No:97. 

Garfield, E. and I. H. Sher. "Article-by-Article Coverage of Selected Abstracting Services." Published by the Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia, PA. p.1-128, October 1964. 
Report -- based on work done by ISI under NSF contract C-332. 

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No: 84. 

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Letter - No:85. 

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No: 92. 

Garfield, E., I. H. Sher, and R. J. Torpie. "The Use of Citation Data in Writing the History of Science." Published by The Institute for Scientific Information, December 1964. 
Report of research for Air Force Office of Scientific Research under contract F49(638)-1256. 

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Garfield, E. "Is Science Information or Is Information Science?"  Paper presented  at Drexel Institute of Technology, Lecture Series in Information Science, Philadelphia, Pa,, September 29, 1964. 
Unpublished No:91 


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Letter. No:113. 

Garfield, E. "More on Abstracting Services." The Cornucopia 21(10) March 1965. 
- No:101. 

Garfield, E. "More on Abstracting Services." The Cornucopia, 21(10), March 1965. 
Letters from Herbert Schwartz and E. Garfield were exchanged on this subject. 

"New Tools for Improving and Evaluating The Effectiveness of Research"  M.C. Yovits, D.M. Gilford, R.H. Wilcox, E. Staveley and H.D. Lemer, Eds., Research Program Effectiveness, Proceedings of the Conference Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, Washington, D.C., July 27-29, 1965 (New York: Gordon and Breach, 1966) p.135-146. 

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Garfield, E. "Reply to Randall Review of the Science Citation Index." Sci-Tech News, 18(4), p. 133-42, 1965. 

Garfield, E. "What Is Relevant in a Patent Search?" p.1-11, September 1965. 
Presented at the American Chemical Society, joint meeting of divisions of Chemical Literature and Chemical Marketing and Economics; Atlantic City, N.J. 
Unpublished. No:115. 

Garfield, E. and Torpie R.J. "Dissemination and Retrieval of Information in Microbiology and Chemotherapy by Citation Indexing." p.1-14, October 1965. 
Presented at the Fifth Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy and the IVth International Congress of Chemotherapy (Joint Meeting), Washington, D.C. 
Presentation - Unpublished. No:103. 

Garfield, E. and I. H. Sher. "Dissemination and Retrieval of Information of Interest to Optical Scientists." Optical Society of America, Annual Meeting, 1965, Philadelphia (1965): 21. 
Paper presented at the Optical Society of America, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. October 1965. One of many papers / presentations on the applicability of ASCA now Research Alert. Abstract of presentation. 
Unpublished. No:102. 

Garfield, E. "Selective Dissemination and Retrieval of Information in Biomedical Engineering." p.1-14, November 1965. 
Presented at the 18th Annual Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Philadelphia, PA. 
Presentation - Unpublished. No:112. 

Garfield, E. et al. "Can Citation Indexing Be Automated?" National Bureau of Standards Miscellaneous Publication , 269, p.189-92, December 1965. 

Sher, I. H. and E. Garfield. "Applicability of ASCA to the Literature Requirements of the Chemist," 1965. 
Presented at the ACS meeting. 
Unpublished. No:100. 

Elias, A. W. and others. "Mechanization of Chemical Information Publications and Services." (1965). 
ACS meeting Detroit. 
Unpublished. No:105. 


Sher, I. H., E. Garfield, and A. W. Elias. "Control and Elimination of Errors in ISI Services." Journal of Chemical Documentation 6, no. 3 p.132, 1966. 
Presented before the division of Chemical Literature, symposium on Error Control in the Chemical Literature, ACS, Pittsburgh, PS, March 23, 1966. 
Paper - No:117. 

Garfield, E. "ISI Services in the Design of Small-User Systems." Journal of Chemical Documentation 6 p.164-68, 1966 
Paper - No:118. 

Garfield, E. "Patent Citation Indexing and the Notions of Novelty, Similarity, and Relevance." Journal of Chemical Documentation 6, no. 2 p. 63-65, May 1966. 
Reprinted in: EIS v.7, p.536 pdf file available
Paper - No:120. 

Garfield, E. "Special Librarian -- Master of, or Slave to the Machine?"p.1-6, May 1966. 
Presented at the 57th Special Libraries Association Annual Convention, Minneapolis, MN, May 31, 1966. 
Presentation (Unpublished) No:122. 

Garfield, E. "Can the Surgeon Keep Up With New Scientific Information?" June, 1966 
Presented at the Third Annual Alumni Conference of the school of medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. June 17, 1966. 
Presentation - Unpublished. No:123. 

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Proceedings of the conference sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, Washington, D.C. July 27-29. 
Proceedings - No:108 

Garfield, E. "More on the 'Dark Side'." Scientific Research, 1(8), p. 4-6, August 1966. 

Garfield, E. "Objective Estimate of Creativity." Chemical and Engineering News, 44(46), p.6, November 1966. 
Reprinted in:CC. Aug.26, 1970; EIS V.1, p.120   pdf file

Garfield, E., I. H. Sher, and J. Byk. "Information Systems for the Scientific Literature." Submitted for Presentation at ACM, 1966. 


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Letter, No:135. 

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Conference in Leipzig, Germany. 
Presentation, Unpublished. No:136. 

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Reprinted in:EIS v.6, p.533 pdf file available
Article, No:140. 

Garfield, E. and Sher, I. H. "Diagonal Display - a new technique for graphic representation of complex topological networks (Report prepared for U.S. Air Force, Directorate of Information Services, Rosslyn, VA.22209) ," 1967. 
Report - No:143 

Garfield, E. and Sher. I. "ASCA (Automatic Subject Citation Alert) -- a new personalized current awareness service for scientists ," American Behavioral Scientist, 10 (5) p.29-32, 1967. 
Reprinted in:EIS V.6, p.514 pdf file available
Article, No:131. 

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Letter, No:132. 

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Reprinted in:EIS v.7, p.543pdf file available
Article, No:138. 
Report. EIS title, "Education and Training for Information Retrieval" suggestion 

Garfield, E. "Primordial concepts, citation indexing and historio-bibliography ," Journal of Library History, 2 (3) p.235-249, 1967. 
Reprinted in:EIS v.6, p.518 pdf file available
Article, No:139. 


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Article, No:156. 

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Article, No:150. 

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Letter, No:152 . 

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Letter, No:158. 

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Letter, No:159. 

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Reprinted in:EIS V.6, p.540pdf file available
Article, No:369. 

Garfield, E. "Numeric vs. alphabetic order for cited references ," New Scientist, 39 (614) p.565-566, 1968. 
Reprinted in:Current Contents/LS, #50, December 10, 1968; EIS v.1, p.27pdf file available
Letter, No:151. 

Garfield E. and Malin, M. V. "Can Nobel Prize winners be predicted? " p.1-17, 1968. 
Presentation (Unpublished), No:166. 
Paper presented at 135th Annual Meeting, AAAS, Dallas, TX. December 26-31, 1968 


Garfield, E., Revesz, G. S., Dorr, H. A., Calderon, M. M., and Warner, A. "Sub-structure searching using the Index Chemicus registry system ," 1969. 
Paper presented - 4th Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, ACS, Washington D.C. February 1969. 
Presentation (Unpublished), No:168. 

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Article, No:154. 

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Letter, No:176. 

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Article, No:183. 

Garfield, E. "British quest for uniqueness versus American egocentrism ," Nature, 223 (5207) p.763, 1969. 
Reprinted in:Current Contents, Feb.11, 1970; EIS v.1. p.77-78 
Letter, No:184. 

Garfield, E. "Science publication ," Chemistry in Britain, 5 (1) p.37, 1969. 
Reprinted in:Current Contents, Sep.16, 1970; EIS v.1, p.126pdf file available
Letter, No:198. 

Garfield, E. "Providing access to information in machine readable forms, Part II ," Copyright and Related Protections for Information Age Products: Proceedings and related documents of the meeting of the Information Industry Association, Washington, DC., p.79-84, 1969. 
Presented at IIA meeting on Copyright and Related Protections for Information Age Products, Airlie House, VA., July 18-19, 1969 
Paper , No:1220. 


Garfield, E and Sophar, G "Is copyright infringement by non-profit organizations always permissible? " ASLIB Proceedings, 22 (11) p.570, 1970. 
Letter, No:202. 

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Article, No:201. 

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Article, No:189. 

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Reprinted in:Current Contents, Nov.25, 1970; EIS v.1, p.139pdf file available
Article (as a letter to the editor), No:190. 

Garfield, E. "One-letter notation for calculating molecular formulas and searching long-chain peptides in the Index Chemicus Registry System ," Journal of Chemical Documentation, 10 (3) p.212-215, 1970. 
Article, No:191. 

Garfield, E. "Methods and objectives in judging the information content of document titles ," Journal of Chemical Documentation, 10 (4) p.260, 1970. 
Article, No:192. 

Garfield, E. "Social science periodical literature ," Journal of Documentation, 26 (1) p.69, 1970. 
Letter, No:193. 

Garfield, E. ""The Long Cold Sleep" (Book review of "The Immortalist" by Alan Harrington) ," New Scientist, 45 (706) p.590, 1970. 
Reprinted in:Current Contents, January 20, 1970; EIS V.1, p.71-72 pdf file available
Article; Book Review, No:195. 

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Letter, No:196. 

Garfield, E. "Citation Indexing for studying science ," Nature, 227 (5259) p.669-671, 1970. 
Reprinted in:Current Contents, November 18, 1970; EIS V.1, p.132-138pdf file available
First list of 50 most cited authors which includes a dozen past or future Nobelists. 
Article, No:197. 

Garfield, E "The role of man and machine in an international selective dissemination of information systems ," p.1-26, 1970. 
Presented at the International Congress of Documentation: Users of Documentation, Beunos Aires: National Council for Scientific and Technical Research, Sept. 21-24, 1970. 
Presentation, Unpublished, No:199. 

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Reprinted in:Current Contents, April 14, 1971; EIS V.1, p.158-174 pdf file available
Conference Proceedings, No:200. 

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Letter, No:204. 

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Letter, No:205 


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Reprinted in:Current Contents, Sept. 9, 1971; EIS V.1, p.236pdf file available
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Only Abstract published in Science, Culture, Communication for the 21st Century.
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Both papers are unpublished. 


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October 7, 19.  pdf  file (use this to print) 

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(Full -text) 

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(journal self-citation) 
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