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Roald Hoffmann and Eugene Garfield
Roald Hoffmann & Eugene Garfield
at The Nobel Centennial Symposium
November 9th, 2000

Roald Hoffmann, 1981 Nobel Prize
Hoffmann  foreword to Essays Vol. 12
�  Essays of an Information Scientist
    (Volumes 1-15 : Contents pages and Full Text)
�  Citation Indexing -- Its Theory and Application in
   Science,Technology, and Humanities
�  Transliterated Dictionary of the Russian Language 
   Contents and Introduction
�  Little Science, Big Science . . . and Beyond
   Author:Derek J. deSolla Price. 
   Forewordby Robert K. Merton and Eugene Garfield
�  Web of Knowledge: A Festschrift in honor of Eugene Garfield  New!
   Table of Contents, Preface & Acknowledgments, List of Contributors
   Eds. Blaise Cronin and Helen Barsky Atkins, September 2000
   Also see other papers  in honor of Eugene Garfield
�  "The Use of Citation Data in Writing the History of Science."
    Garfield, E., I. H. Sher, and R. J. Torpie.    New!
    Published by The Institute for Scientific Information,   December 1964. 
   Final Overlay.   Also see 
�   Norman P. Hummon and Patrick Doreian, "Connectivity in a citation  network:
   The development of DNA  Social Networks 11:39-63, 1989.
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