Essays on the Nobel Prize

Over a thirty-year period, my colleagues and I published a variety of studies inspired by the Nobel Prize and other awards. The earliest is a paper presented at the Office of  Naval Research Conference on Research Productivity in 1965 in which we provided data that demonstrated a key characteristic of Nobel Prize winners -- they publish five times the number of papers and their work is cited 50 times the average. The papers called out below are almost strictly devoted to Nobel Prize winners, characteristics, and forecasting. Dozens of additional papers are available about scientists "Of  Nobel Class". These include the numerous studies characterized by terms such as "most-cited authors", "Nobel-class research", "Citation Classics", etc. For these we will create additional lists to simplify searching and scanning those files. Wherever possible, we will add terms that characterize the subject matter. For example, "Journal citation studies in mathematics" or "Journal citation studies in physics", etc.

Essays on Winners of the Nobel Prize

Essays on Forecasting the Nobel Prize