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6 January 2009
Records: 434, Authors: 595, Journals: 121, Cited References: 11633, Words: 1178, Tags: 2
Yearly outputDocument TypeLanguageInstitutionInstitution with SubdivisionCountry
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1Persson O42479483
2Meyer M1676176
3Glanzel W15121211
4Leydesdorff L121166
5Melin G11125153
6Zitt M83162
7Cronin B71050
8Danell R75860
9Rousseau R735100
10White HD685387
11Zuccala A61221
12Bassecoulard E52444
13Dastidar PG5512
14Gomez I53033
15Herrero-Solana V516
16Morris SA5920
17Moya-Anegon F525
18Ding Y41334
19Godin B4918
20Hinze S4511
21Ingwersen P41352
22Kretschmer H421
23Kretschmer T421
24Landry R4730
25Newman MEJ4392131
26Okubo Y42543
27Schneider JW4411
28Tijssen RJW45971
29Wilson CS41450
30Bordons M32214
31Borlund P3310
32Chan CK300
33Chen CM31260
34De Moya-Anegon F3212
35Eto H3512
36Fernandez MT31833
37Frandsen TF3218
38Gauffriau M312
39Guerrero-Bote VP3212
40Jarneving B32156
41Jarvelin K3415
42Katz JS389204
43Larsen PO312
44Laudel G31825
45Maye I312
46McCain KW371345
47Roulin-Perriard A312
48Thelwall M3252
49Velho L311
50von Ins M312
51Zhao DZ356
52Ajiferuke I200
53Astrom F243
54Ausloos M214
55Bar-Ilan J2110
56Barjak F218
57Barth RB200
58Basu A2311
59Beckmann M21716
60Boyack KW2647
61Bozeman B208
62Braun T2813
63Cahlik T236
64Chowdhury G21126
65Cornelius B266
66Davies BR2210
67De Lange C22533
68De Moor B215
69ELLIS D214
70Engwall L245
71Faba-Perez C217
72Foo S21126
73Frenken K214
74Furner J21277
75Galvez C224
76Gartner WB247
77Guan JC217
78Haynes KE209
79Hellsten I214
80Hicks D2841
81Hicks DM21450
82Hou HY200
83Janssens F215
84Kostoff RN200
85Kretschmer U210
86Kumar BSV2311
87Kyvik S2613
88La Barre K2623
89Laget P223
90Lambiotte R214
91Larsen K200
92Lau CGY200
93Lee LL200
94Leta J2118
95Liu ZY200
96Lucio-Arias D201
97LUUKKONEN T2152154
98Ma N217
99Martin BR260148
100Matthiessen CW2416
Page 1 of 6: [  1  2  3  4  5  6 ]