Anthony R. Michaelis ~
The Scientific Temper : An Anthology of Stories on Matters of Science

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Science for CIBA in Britain Title 65
CIBA in India and Eidophor Title 66
Les Voyages interplanetaires Title 67
Freelance Writing Title 68
From Semaphore to Satellite Title 69
My first visit to the USA - as "Foreign Leader" Title 69A
Hard Work for ITU in the USA Title 69B
Collecting scientific instruments Title 70
The two Astrolabe Societies Title 71
Collecting Selenography Title 72
Collecting Scientific Books Title 73
Collecting Scientific Medals Title 74
Scientific Medals - Writing and Exhibiting Title 75
Scientific Banknotes - Collecting Title 76
Scientific Banknotes - Writing and Exhibiting Title 77
Projects and Proposals Title 78
SNS - A special Project Title 79
Contributions Title 80
IRO - The Helping Hand Title 81
Disaster Research Title 82
Thanks to Jules Verne Title 83
New to The Daily Telegraph Title 84
A difficult start Title 85
The Proprietor - Lord Hartwell Title 86
My Assistants - Clare Dover and Adrian Berry Title 87
Temporary Success Title 88
My system and spaceport USA Title 89
My first scoop : Nuclear ship maiden voyage  Title 90
Atomic mega show in Geneva Title 91
Atomic dreams by engineers - ships Title 92
Atomic dreams of canals - Atomophobia Title 93
Nuclear desalination and Gaza politics Title 94

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