Tributes To Friends and Colleagues

"Saying Goodbye is so hard to do  - Joshua Lederberg (1925-2008) was one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century, and my good friend" The Scientist, 22(4):31-32, April 2008. NEW
A memorial tribute to Anthony E. Cawkell, 1920-2003* Journal of  Information Science (JIS), 29(6):473-474, 2003.

Professor V.V. Nalimov - Dear Friend and Mentor
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 16(2):5, December 1997.

The Restoration of Frantisek Sorm: Prolific Czech Scientist Obeyed His Conscience and Became a Nonperson

In appreciation of Vasily Vasilyevich Nalimov: Angela Thompson's Profile of a
remarkable scholar and courageous individual.
Reprinted in Essays of an Information Scientist, Vol:15, p.340, 1992-93

Hillary Clinton and Mary Lasker: A photo in proper focus

Sakharov: A Symbol of Change in Soviet Science

Garfield, E. "Reminiscences of Vassily V. Nalimov"
Scientometrics, 52(2):165-166, October 2001.

Bjorn Tell and the Future of Information Services

On the Shoulders of Giants  [Pioneer Information Scientists]

Linus Pauling: An Appreciation of a World Citizen-Scientist and Citation Laureate

Linus Pauling: An Appreciation of a World Citizen-Scientist and Citation Laureate

In Tribute to Linus Pauling: A Citation Laureate

Garfield, E. "From bibliographic coupling to co-citation analysis via algorithmic
historio-bibliography" A Citationist's Tribute to Belver C. Griffith.
Presented at Drexel University, Philadelphia, November 27, 2001.

Science and Emotion Are Compatible: A Tribute to Robert L. and Lillian H. Brent!

A Tribute to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Its 100th Birthday:
Jan A. Witkowski Reviews Its History and the Highest Impact Symposia Publications

A Tribute to Joshua Lederberg: Highlights of a Remarkable Scientific Career

Manfred Kochen: In Memory of an Information Scientist Pioneer qua World Brain-ist

A Tribute to Robert K. Merton on receiving the National Medal of Science

Robert K. Merton: Among the Giants

A Tribute to Carl Djerassi: Reflections on a Remarkable Scientific Entrepreneur

"Carl Djerassi: Chemist and Entrepreneur" Chemtech, 13 (9) p.534-538, 1983.

From the World Brain to the Informatorium - Symposium in Honor of Manfred Kochen

A Tribute to Calvin N. Mooers, A Pioneer of Information Retrieval

Wassily Leontief: Pioneer of Input-Output Analysis

In tribute to Derek John de Solla Price: A Citation Analysis of Little Science, Big Science

A tribute to Derek John de Solla Price: A bold, iconoclastic historian of science

George Sarton: The Father of the History of Science. Part 1. Sarton's early life in Belgium

George Sarton: The father of the History of Science. Part 2. Sarton shapes a new discipline

A tribute to Miriam Rothschild: Entomologist Extraordinaire

A tribute to S.R. Ranganathan, the father of Indian Library Science.
Part 1. Life and Works

A tribute to S.R. Ranganathan, the father of Indian Library Science.
Part 2. Contribution to Indian and International Library Science

Bringing the National Library of Medicine into the computer age:
A tribute to Frank Bradway Rogers

They stand on the Shoulders of Giants: Sol Spiegelman, a pioneer in molecular biology

Robert K. Merton -- Author and Editor Extraordinaire. Part 1.

Robert K. Merton -- Author and Editor Extraordinaire. Part 2.

Scott Adams and Medical Bibliography in an Age of Discontinuity --
A tribute to a visionary leader in the field of medical information

A Tribute to Hilary Koprowski: Scientist, Musician, and Friend

In Tribute to V.V. Nalimov: Renaissance Scholar and Scientometrician Par Excellence
Essays of an Information Scientist, Vol:5, p.417, 1981-82

J.D. Bernal -- The Sage of Cambridge. 4S Award Memorializes His Contributions to the Social Studies of Science

A tribute to R. Buckminster Fuller -- Inventor, Philosopher

A Tribute To Harold Urey

A Tribute to the New York Academy of Sciences:
Denis Cullinan on Its History, Future, and Classic Papers

Bonnie Lawlor's Silver Anniversary at ISI - A Tribute

A Tribute to Eli & Lee Robins - Citation Superstars.
A Citationist Perspective on Biological Psychiatry

To remember Sir Hans Krebs: Nobelist, Friend, and Adviser

How Rudy Wiedoeft's Saxophobia Launched the Saxual Revolution

Citation Classics in Clinical Chemistry Highlight the Cumulative Impact of Useful Methods - A Tribute to Editor John Stanton King

In honor of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Guardian of the Everglades

To Remember Chauncey D. Leake

Calling Attention to Chauncey D. Leake -- Renaissance Scholar Extraordinaire