Eugene Garfield
Essays on Faculty Evaluations / Peer Review / Refereeing 

Faculty Evaluations:
How to use Citation Analysis for faculty evaluations, and when is it relevant? Part 1.
  (Essays / Volume 6, p.354, 1983)

How to use Citation Analysis for faculty evaluations, and when is it relevant? Part 2.
  (Essays / Volume 6, p.363, 1983)

Peer Review / Refereeing:
Refereeing and Peer Review. Part 1. Opinion and Conjecture on the Effectiveness of Refereeing

Refereeing and Peer Review. Part 2. The Research on Refereeing and Alternatives to the Present System

Refereeing and peer review. Part 3. How the peer review of research-grant proposals works and what scientists say about it

Refereeing and Peer Review. Part 4. Research on the peer review of grant proposals and suggestions for improvement

Despite problems with Peer Review, science publishing is healthier than ever

Why Scientific Publishing Should Be Audited

Religion, Rebel Scientists, And Peer Review: Three Hot Topics

Opting Out of the Numbers Game. On the Need to Emphasize Quality in Peer Review

The Impact of Fraudulent Research: A Citation Perspective on the Breuning Case
Introduction to paper by E. Garfield and A. Welljams-Dorof:: 
The Impact of Fraudulent Research on the Scientific Literature - The Stephen E. Breuning Case 
Reprinted with permission from JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, 9 March 1990; 263(10).1424-1426

Training Our Cites on the Stars: Helmut Abt's Observations on Astrosociology. Part 1. 
Age and Productivity, Peer Review, and Big Science/Little Science
Introduction to Helmut Abt's essay on : 
The Use of Publication Studies to Affect Policies and Attitudes in Astronomy. Part 1

Requiring Standards for Scientific Journals Has Come of Age
Introduction  A. Herxheimer's essay on: 
Make Scientific Journals More Responsive-And Responsible