Information Processing & Management Vol. 26, No. 4, p. 573, 1990 
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Dear Professor Saracevic:

I refer to a recent article published in Information Processing and Management, 25 (6): 1989, by Ronald Rousseau.

In this article, there is extensive use of data from the Journal Citation Reports® which is a part of the Science Citation Index®. The SCI ® is a proprietary database and we respectfully request that all future references to our database include the registration mark®, as well as a statement that the data have been published with the permission of ISI®.

I do not want to single out this particular author and merely use this as one example for your future awareness.

In the case of other studies, please be aware that SCI tapes are leased for retrieval purposes but under no circumstances are the users permitted to create derivative tapes or other electronic prod ucts without the written permission of ISI.

In another article by Lorna K. Rees-Potter which appeared in your journal, 25: 1989, there is similar reference to the Social Sciences Citation Index® but no indication of our registered trademark.


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