Annals of Internal Medicine 100(3) p.457, 1984

Publication Dates
To THE EDITOR: The letter by Cooper and Ridgeway (1) illustrates the “bum rap” that secondary services receive through false publication dates(2).Endocrinologica Japonica is a journal that is consistently late, lagging as much as 10 months. The "1981" issue of the journal containing the Hamada article was received by us on 6 July 1982. The issue in question appeared in Current Contents within a few weeks of receipt.
Although Current Contents can try to persuade journals to be honest about their publication dates we cannot force them to adhere to unwritten international standards. Lacking a World Court of Science how can one enforce unwritten laws? Peer pressure goes a long way. The editor of Endocinologica Japonica should realize how serious these “trivial” housekeeping matters can become. But editors of all reputable journals should join us in a campaign to eliminate the use of false publication dates.
Institute for Scientific Information; Philadelphia, PA 19104
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