The Dissemination of Current Research Information through a Cooperative Contents Page -- Abstracting Service

Eugene Garfield

Abstract of a paper presented at the
Annual Meeting of the American Documentation Institute
(In affiliation with the American Association for the Advancement of Science)

December 28-29, 1956

Hotel Governor Clinton
New York, New York

The inter-disciplinary character of modern research nullifies conventional classification schemes for disseminating information. Each research scientist or organization has special information requirements covered by journals representing many disciplines. No single abstracting publication can cover these overlapping interests. It is suggested that each scientist or research team receive advance copies of the contents page of a desired group of journals. Contents pages would contain brief abstracts. Through mechanized printing and collating techniques these contents page abstract bulletins could be produced at relatively low in a short time. Contents page services have been successfully employed in several industrial research organizations. A dramatic increase in the use of periodical collections has resulted with a consequent saving in research expenditures. Documation, Inc., Woodbury, New Jersey, is now actively developing a cooperative centralized service geared to the requirements of individual groups on a company, industry, or institutional basis. Initial concentration has been in the areas of pharmaceutical, electronic, and management science, each of which is particularly inter-disciplinary in character and lacking comprehensive abstracting services.