Essays on The History of Science

Garfield  E., .Sher IH, and  Torpie RJ.  "The Use of Citation Data in Writing the History of Science"
Published by The Institute for Scientific Information, December 1964.
Report of research for Air Force Office of Scientific Research under contract F49(638)-1256.

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Reprinted in:Reprinted in Current Contents, #38, Sep.18, 1974, EIS, V.2, 134
Article, No:1156.

Historiographs, Librarianship, and The History of Science

J.D. Bernal -- The Sage of Cambridge.
4S Award Memorializes His Contributions to the Social Studies of Science
Citation Analysis as a Method of Historical Research into Science

A tribute to Derek John de Solla Price: A bold, iconoclastic historian of science

George Sarton: The Father of the History of Science. Part 1. Sarton's early life in Belgium

George Sarton: The father of the History of Science. Part 2. Sarton shapes a new discipline

New Tools for Studying the History of Science

How an understanding of science history is useful,enriching, and rewarding

Science Historian I.B. Cohen : Reviews Social Studies of Science by Sociologist Bernard Barber

Mel Kranzberg Receives Bernal Prize as Pioneering Historian of Technology

Little Science, Big Science - And Global Science

Little Science, Big Science ... and Beyond gathers together the major works of Derek de Solla Price

The Footnotes of Science... in acknowledging the work of others, authors tell a lot about science itself.

To Remember Chauncey D. Leake

Calling Attention to Chauncey D. Leake -- Renaissance Scholar Extraordinaire