Bill Granizo - An Autobiography in Pictures


The purpose of these notes is to explore the birth and development of my creativity.  Intertwined are incidents which altered the course that led to who I am today plus other situations that could have altered the path.  These pages also explore synchronicity or coincidences in my life that keep me alert to the reasons why I am here.

It all started thousands of years ago.  It grew out of the mythology, poetry, sculptures, drawings, songs and dances of centuries past.  Some had greater influence than others such as the Three Fates who wove the tapestries of the lives of legendary Greeks.  In so doing they stirred my mind into visualizing a fantasy of these weavers guiding threads into a pattern to be called "The Story Teller". 

My desire to tell stories first lured me to a typewriter.  But, like the Fates, my creativity requied a visual medium.

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