Genetics Citation Index

Was the Science Citation Index concept inevitable?
Current Contents #50, p.5-6, December 11 1974.  Reprinted in Essays of an Information Scientist Vol:2, p.188
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J. Lederberg. Preface to Genetics Citation Index. From:Genetics Citation Index
 experimental citation indexes to  genetics with special emphasis on  human genetics. 
 (Philadelphia: Institute for Scientific Information. 1963), p. iii. 
Reprinted in Current Contents#50, p.5-6, December 11 1974 and Essays of an Information Scientist Vol:2, p.189
(Essays/Vol:2)pdf file available

Review : "Genetics Citation IndexScience Fortnightly 1(14), p.4, 1964.

Genetics Citation Index: Experimental Citation Indexes to Genetics with Special Emphasis on Human Genetics
(With lrving H. Sher) (Philadelphial Pa.: Institute For Scientific Information,1963). 
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Preface - 516
Introduction - 517
Synopsis - 521

An Evaluation Survey of the Genetics Citation Index, NSF Contract C-330, April 15, 1964.
Victor C. Searle (Private Investigator) and DeWitt O. Myatt (Project Director). 
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