Noteworthy Papers by Arthur M. Diamond

"Measurement, Incentives, and Constraints in Stigler's Economics of Science."
The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought 12(4): 635-661, December 2005.

"Zvi Griliches's Contributions to the Economics of Technology and Growth."
Economics of Innovation and New Technology 13(4): 365-397, June 2004.

"Edwin Mansfield's Contributions to the Economics of Technology."
Research Policy  32(9): 1607-1617, October 2003.

"Scientists' Salaries and the Implicit Contracts Theory of the Labor Market."
International Journal of Technology Management 22(7/8): 688-697, 2001.

"The Complementarity of Scientometrics and Economics."
Chapter 16 in The Web of Knowledge.  Edited by Blaise Cronin and Helen Barsky Atkins.
American Society for Information Science & Technology,  pp. 321-336., 2000.

"The Core Journals of Economics."  (1989).
 Current Contents, #1, p.4-11, January 2, 1989. Reprinted in Essays of an Information Scientist:Creativity, Delayed Recognition, and other Essays, Vol:12, p.2, 1989 

"The Life-Cycle Research Productivity of Mathematicians and Scientists."
The Journal of Gerontology 41(4):  520-525, July 1986.

"What is a Citation Worth?"
The Journal of Human Resources 21(2): 200-215. Spring 1986. 
[This article was re-printed in Current Contents 31(44) :5-12, October  31, 1988. It was also the subject of a lengthy summary in a magazine designed for use in undergraduate economics principles classes:
"Academics: Cite Values." The Margin 4(2): 28-29, November / December 1988.