Eugene Garfield, Ph.D.

Autobiographical Essays

To Remember my Mother

To remember my father

How it all began: With a loan from HFC

Perkel JM "The future of Citation Analysis : the challenge is to track a work's impact
when published in nontraditional forms" The Scientist 19(20): 24-25, October 24, 2005

From Laboratory to Information Explosions ...
The Evolution of Chemical Information Services at ISI

Child Care: An Investment in the Future. Part 1. An Overview of Corporate Chfld
Care Programs and the Effects of Day Care on Young Children

Child Care: An Investment in the Future.
Part 2. The 1S1 Caring Center
for Children and Parents

All about ice cream or, confessions of an ice cream addict

Catching the Wind. Part 1. Sailing.

Catching the Wind. Part 2. Boardsailing

"How do you do it? Write all those essays I mean"

What do you do for a living?

The Scientist: How it all began

"Proposal  made to National Science Foundation for a daily newspaper of science  ... Daily Scientist"
September 17 1962.

New Year, New Building

What�s a Nice Boy Like You Doing in a Business Like This? or:
What It Takes to be an Information Scientist

The Who and Why of ISI

Illusions of Grandeur and other Disappointments

New Year�s Greetings andnd Other Correspondence�
Keep the Spirit Bright All Year Long!

Confessions of a Cab Driver

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Publishing Your Own Book:
Essays of an Information Scientist

Hotel Horror Stories

To Remember my brother, Robert L. Hayne

To remember Chauncey D. Leake.

On Routes to Immortality

The "Other" Immortal: A memorable day with Henry E. Bliss

Philadelphia and ISI are still celebrating the US Bicentennial

Garfield's Axiom of Economics: "Collecting Money Ain't Easy!"