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Garfield Essay: Works of Art at ISI : Interpenetrations by Handel Evans

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After Handel Evan's death in 1999, "Interpenetrations"  was donated to the School of Art Gallery and Museum, Aberystwyth University, Wales, United Kingdom

On display in ISl's second-floor elevator lobby since mid-summer, 1980, is the 4' x 12' (121.92cmx 365.76cm) oil painting "lnterpenetrations" by Handel Evans. Though Evans was born in 1932 in Pontypridd, Wales, he now divides his time among residences in Europe, the US, and the Caribbean. Approaching art in a controlled,rational manner, and painting with mathematical precision, his work bridges the gap between art and science.

Evans describes"lnterpenetrations" as "a visual metaphor of the relationship between mind and information" The five central figures, visible in Figures five and six, below, symbolize the mind through its five senses.  The complex structures surrounding them, of which they area part, represent  the information environment. The picture came into being as a result of Evans' search for an image expressing the interdependent nature of the relationship between modern humanity and the growing mass of information on which its welfare depends.