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Garfield E. and Pudovkin AI. " The HistCite System for mapping and bibliometric analaysis of the output of searches using the ISI Web of Knowledge"  Presented at the Annual Meeting of  ASIS&T,  Newport, Rhode Island, November 15, 2004.   Abstract and Poster Session
Presentation. Unpublished.

Garfield E, "Historiographic mapping of knowledge domains literature" Journal of Information Science 30(2): 119-145, 2004.

Garfield E, Pudovkin AI, Istomin VI,  "Mapping the Output of Topical Searches in the Web of Knowledge and the case of  Watson-Crick" Information Technology and Libraries; 22 (4): 183-187 December  2003.

Garfield E, "Using HistCite to Map the Output of  Small World, Watson-Crick 1953, Cell Death and Differentiation, P. Nicotera, and Gene Flow" Presented at MRC Toxicology Unit Seminar at the University of Leicester, U.K.on July 11, 2003..

Garfield E, Pudovkin AI, Istomin VS. "Mapping output of topical searches in the Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index,
Arts and Humanities Citation Index" Presented at the SLA meeting in New York, NY, June 10, 2003.

 Garfield E,. "Historiographic Mapping of Knowledge Domains Literature" Keynote Address, Arthur M. Sackler Colloquium on
 "Mapping Knowledge Domains" Beckman Center of the National Academy of Sciences, Irvine, CA, May 9-11, 2003.

Garfield E, Pudovkin AI, Istomin VS. "Why do we need Algorithmic Historiography?" Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) 54(5):400-412, March 2003.

Garfield E, Pudovkin AI, Istomin  VS. "Algorithmic Citation-Linked Historiography -- Mapping the Literature of Science"
Presentation at : ASIST 2002: Information, Connections and Community,   65th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science  & Technology (ASIS&T). Philadelphia, PA. November 18-21,  2002.
Published : Abridged version in Proceedings of the 65th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T), Vol: 39, p.14-24, November 2002.

Garfield E. "Reflections of a Scientometrician / Communicator -- From  Current Contents to Citationology and Algorithmic Historiography" Presentation at China Medical Board Symposium in Beijing, September 23-24, 2002.

Garfield, E. "From bibliographic coupling to co-citation analysis via algorithmic historio-bibliography" A citationist's tribute to Belver C. Griffith, presented at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. November 27,  2001.

Garfield, E. "From computational linguistics to algorithmic historiography" Lazerow Lecture held in conjunction with panel on "Knowledge and Language: Building large-scale knowledge bases for intelligent applications" presented  at the University of Pittsburgh on September
19, 2001.

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